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Innovate and Optimize Meeting Management for the Next Era

The Fierce Pharma Meeting Planners Summit is an opportunity to meet and network with experienced event planners, senior-level third-party planners, and executives within the life sciences industry while staying current on the latest trends impacting the pharma meeting planner community. The summit encourages engagement by removing the trade-show layout and allowing connections to happen organically in an intimate gathering.

Top Reasons to Attend

  • Gain the information you need to optimize event development and management and the knowledge of how your current processes compare to other companies
  • Discover trends in health and safety protocols and how to navigate the challenges of live meetings in the post-covid era
  • Stay updated with the latest advancements in event software and technology to improve the quality and ROI on events
  • Understand the benefits of integrating an event app within the program to increase attendee engagement and gain useful data analytics
  • Advance sustainability initiatives and understand the impact on in person events and ways to mitigate the effects

Medical Meetings in the Future: What's Next?

We are at a critical point in the events industry, as we continue to redefine how we educate, network, and engage. Be a part of the journey and join us for the Fierce Pharma Meeting Professionals Summit this coming fall. Let’s work together and discover new ways to evolve and innovate the future of medical meetings!

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