Q: Will Pharma Meeting Professionals Summit be a live, in-person event this year?

Q: Will the conference program be different this year?

Q: Will there be opportunities for networking?

Q: What will my registration get me?

Q: If I register for one type of pass, can I change it later?

Q: How do I register for the event?

Q: I have a voucher from a 2020 cancelled event – how do I redeem it to attend this show?

Q: What if my company does not allow me to travel for business? What if I am personally not comfortable attending the Pharma Meeting Professionals Summit in-person?

Q: How do I attend Pharma Meeting Professionals Summit virtually and how much does it cost?

Q: Will you be issuing refunds?

Q: I’m a speaker at the event, can I join the panel virtually if I’m unable to travel?

Q: What sponsorship opportunities are available for the event?

Q: What health and safety measures will you be taking at the event?

Q: Do I have to be vaccinated in order to attend?

Q: What are the approved Covid-19 vaccines?

Q: How do I show proof of vaccination?

Q: What if I am not vaccinated 15 days prior to the event?

Q: What if I am unable to have a vaccine due to being immunocompromised or have other medical reasons?

Q: If I test positive before Pharma Meeting Professionals Summit and must isolate, will I be able to get a refund?

Q: Will I have to social distance?

Q: What are your mask requirements on-site at the Harrah’s Waterfront Conference Center?

Q: Will masks be provided?

For further information on the Questex Be Safe commitment please click here